Feb 21, 2016

I am still on the poetry plan

Year of Poetry Update Week 7

This week the battle was technical, had issues with the computer but still managed to do just over 18 hours of work.  I was largely able to hit this target due to the lack of paid work around at the start of semester.

I expect (hope) to get at least a couple of days next week impinging on my schedule but I don't see this as a big threat. [Read On]

Jan 23, 2016

Year of Poetry into Third Week

So how am I enjoying my hiatus from book reviewing?

Very much so.  Doing lots of poetry writing.  You can check out what's happening over at the Poetry blog here.

Dec 12, 2015

On Holidays & Hiatus

So I have made some very big decisions this week some to do with mental well being and some to do with reevaluating goals and aspirations.

I was asked two weeks ago by one of my full time teaching colleagues some questions about becoming a novelist - they were trying to give a year 11 student some guidance.

So I was letting him know the average earnings of Australian authors and the fact that its probably best if the student has a career or some training to fall back on.

But we got talking about what I was doing and how I work part time so I can write. This got me thinking that, while I have had some success with poetry publications over the last few years, I have taken to making myself busy with projects that are on the periphery of my writing, that don't stretch me and that allow my to "hide" from the task of improving my writing.

So for 2016 I won't be reviewing.  That is to say that I won't be taking review copy to read.  I will of course still support and share other's work via social media and you may see the occasional novel that I have read to take a break from the only project that I intend to do in 2016.

I will be engaging in a Year of Poetry.  I am still formulating the structure but the idea is for me to Read, Write & Rework, Study and Engage reflectively with poetry with a view to improving my craft and output dramatically.

In essence, take it seriously.

If you are interested in following along there's a link to the poetry blog above or you can go here.

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